Welcome Message

On behalf of the authorities of the University and the College and on my own behalf, I warmly welcome both fresh and continuing students of CoHSS. I first wish to congratulate the fresh men and women for gaining admission to KNUST amidst probably, the stiffest competition we have ever experienced for several years. You should consider this to be a special privilege to be utilized to develop a fulfilling future you would be proud of. 

As all of you go through your academic journey at KNUST, be reminded of the fact that your main purpose as students on campus is your studies. I therefore urge you to devote much time and attention to your academic work. Take your lectures seriously, work on your assignments and devote yourself to further reading by spending quality time with your books and in the library.  As students of this fast developing world, you must develop open and critical minds and learn to ask good questions as a means of stimulating your intellectual capacities and your understanding of issues.

Obviously, in your quest for knowledge, you cannot avoid the Internet.  Though very useful in our days, it also has the potential of having a negative effect on you. Be careful then how much time you devote to it and do your best to avoid any abuse of this vital resource. Let the Internet be a useful tool in your hands.

I cannot fail to warn you about your associations with individuals and groups on campus. Watch the kind of people you choose as friends.  The Bible says: “bad company ruins good morals”.  Yes, you need to associate and participate in some group activities on campus for your social development. But be selective.  Avoid the occultic groups emerging on the campus for they will ruin your life.  Maintain a healthy balance between your academic, social and spiritual life. Do not forget to build your social networks, for you will definitely need it later in life.  Security on campus and off-campus especially in the hostels is a major challenge these days and you are advised to take serious note of this concern.  So learn to be security-conscious and be so guided in all your movements on and around campus. In addition, watch your lifestyle on campus, especially how you dress.  In all things, be guided by the principle of simplicity and modesty.

Finally, note that the University like any human society has its rules and regulations intended to create conducive environment for teaching and learning.  Please learn these rules and endeavour to abide by them.  Make time to read your Students’ Guide Handbook carefully. 

Once again, I warmly welcome all of you and wish you a happy and successful academic pilgrimage at KNUST this year. May the year be a fruitful and enjoyable one for all of you.   Thank you.  

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