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About Us

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences is an amalgamation of four Faculties, Sixteen  (16) Departments and a Research Centre. The amalgamation was in line with the University’s objective to achieve good governance and academic excellence through restructuring of academic and administrative units into Colleges.

The year witnessed tremendous improvements in institutional linkages, income generation, receipt of donations, renovation of  laboratories, procurement of facilities to enhance teaching and learning, presentations at conferences workshops and seminars, etc. Research output was comparatively better. Besides, invaluable services of diverse nature were rendered to the university, local and international communities whilst capacity building received a boost.

The College is not relenting on its mission of ensuring the realization of its core duty of research and publication and, also building capacity to strengthen its workforce. The College, nevertheless, faces a lot of challenges including inadequate infrastructure especially, staff offices, spacious laboratories, workshops and equipment to make them function effectively, with growing student numbers and an unbearable student-staff ratio, some progress has been made to achieve excellence in teaching, learning and research area of the college.