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CoHSS Libraries

The libraries in CoHSS form part of the University library system which includes all the six colleges’ libraries and the Main University Library. There are basically four libraries that come together to form the CASS Library. They are:

The Faculty of Law Library

The Faculty of Social Science Library

The School of Business Library.

In addition to these libraries, there are a few Departmental Libraries like the Publishing Studies and the Art Education Libraries.


The four libraries have 15 staff members, of which 3 are senior members, 4 are senior staff and the rest are junior staff.  The principal officers are as follows:

  1. Mr. Edward Mensah Borteye          Acting College Librarian
  2. Mrs. Larnyoh Rebecca Evelyn        Faculty of Law Librarian
  3. Mr. Abraham Minnah Donkoh         Faculty of Social Sciences Librarian
  4. Miss Anna Adwoa Hassan               Business School Librarian

Purpose of the Libraries

The core mandate of the libraries is to support teaching, learning and research.

Opening and Closing Hours

The Libraries open at 9:00am and close at 5:00pm every working day. Weekends are not part of the working days of the libraries. The time is however extended beyond 5:00pm during examination periods.