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Welcome Message

Prof Charles Marfo
Prof. Charles Marfo, Provost, CoHSS

Welcome to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

I would like to wholeheartedly welcome you to College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CoHSS) of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). As the Provost of the College, I represent the Vice-Chancellor of the University. With the assistance of the various Deans of the Faculties of the College, I am also the Chief Academic Officer and, it is expected of my office to ensure that the vision and mission of the University are realized.

CoHSS is one of the six colleges of KNUST established during a restructuring in 2004 with the purpose of repositioning and refocusing the University in undertaking its core business of teaching, research and service. It is presently the largest college in the University with three (3) faculties (Social Sciences, Business School and Law School), fourteen departments and two research centres. CoHSS remains the citadel of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences for all colleges and faculties in the University, offering various courses to the numerous departments in the University. This is based on the fact that the science and technology programmes of the University need a modicum of knowledge from the humanities and the social sciences in order to become relevant for socio-economic development. In other words, the College’s contribution towards the achievement of the University’s mandate cannot be underestimated as the human and social aspects in the various fields of academia are indispensable in our effort to achieve sustainable development. With its vision, therefore; i.e. to become an indispensable partner in the University’s quest to advance relevant knowledge for sustainable development, the College is central in the quest for relevant knowledge creation by the University.

Although CoHSS has made substantial progress towards the achievement of its mandate of resourcing the nation and the world with vital human capital over the years, it continues to engage in innovative initiatives that will further position it as the preferred college for humanities and social sciences education in Ghana, Africa and the World. CoHSS endeavours to champion its mandate and to ensure that it is consistently and successfully pursued. Accordingly, the College aims to ensure graduation of quality human resource with the aid of innovative systems of teaching and learning, promotion of postgraduate studies and research, and strategic collaboration with industry and alumni. It is the heartbeat of CoHSS to provide valuable and enriching support to students to ensure quality. Thus, among other interventions, the College is spearheading a new agenda of entrepreneurship and development of employable or soft skills in the science and technology environment we find ourselves in. Furthermore, at CoHSS, steps are being taken to focus on postgraduate studies and interdisciplinary research that would positively impact the communities around us and others, although we continue to review our undergraduate programmes and encourage the introduction of demand-driven ones as well. It is also within the mission of the College – i.e. the promotion of collaborative research, innovative teaching and learning, and entrepreneurial attitudes in our community engagement for holistic development – to collaborate with industry, alumni and related communities. Accordingly, over the years, attempts have been made to involve these bodies in the activities of the College for the purposes of economic benefits and graduate training.

Efficient quality assurance system is fundamental to obtaining results the College desires. Thus, adapting to the systems and policies that KNUST has put in place, the College continues to exploit performance management systems, which ensure monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning activities to enable improvement in.

Please enjoy the company of CoHSS, the vital human resource!!