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The College, like all five others came into being on the 4th of January 2005, following the promulgation of the new statutes. The College started with four academic Faculties: Art, LawSchool of Business and Social Sciences, and a Research Centre; Centre for Cultural and African Studies.

After a decade of growth the University decided to restructure the college to enhance efficiency in management. At the beginning of the 2014/2015 academic year the University Council approved the transfer of the Faculty of Art from the College to reconstitute the College of Art and Built Environment. Consequently the College now has three Faculties i.e. Law, Social Science and the School of Business and the Research Centre.

Following the departure of the Faculty of Art the name of the College has changed to College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CoHSS). Not withstanding these changes, the College remains the watershed of knowledge for all faculties in the University, offering diverse and cross cutting courses to the numerous departments in the University. This is based on the philosophy that the sciences need a modicum of the liberal arts to function effectively in their various professions. Since the human and social aspects in the various fields of academia are inevitable, the College’s contribution towards the achievement of the University’s mandate cannot be underestimated. The College is therefore central in the quest for relevant knowledge creation in the University. The activities of the College also help in reducing the tension and stress associated with laboratory and studio-based programmes, and orient the scientists to mainstream society in any scientific and technological innovations.