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The Languages

Language considered as the human capacity for acquiring and using complex systems of communication is an essential ingredient in any higher institution of learning. The teaching of Communication Skills technical report writing (Remedial English) organised by the Department of English to all first year students of KNUST goes a long way to prepare all students to effectively articulate their thoughts in whatever endeavour they find themselves. The Department also offers tuition in English Language to students from Francophone countries who come to the University to offer courses in Science and Engineering. The learning of the French language made available to all students of KNUST provides them with the opportunity to seek employment in francophone countries. 

It can be stated without a shred of doubt that KNUST cannot do without Art, the Humanities and the philosophical sciences as both science and the humanities aim at individual and collective well­being. While pragmatic approaches to meaningful enhancement of material well-being informed by the application of research, science and technology must play a central role in development initiatives, tapping the spiritual roots of human motivation provides the essential impulse that ensures genuine social advancement. It must be observed that civilization does not arise merely from material progress but rather is defined by, and founded upon, the ideals and shared beliefs that weld society together. The human experience is uniquely defined by the transcendent component of life, which also unlocks the creative capacities within human consciousness and safeguard human dignity.