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CoHSS Shines at KNUST Inter-College Games, Winning 11 out of 19 Trophies

CoHSS Shines at KNUST Inter-College Games, Winning 11 out of 19 Trophies


The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CoHSS) at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has emerged as the top performer in this year's inter-college games, securing an impressive 11 out of 19 trophies awarded.

The student-led competition saw participation from the six colleges of the University, with CoHSS athletes demonstrating exceptional skill and determination throughout the events. Their victories spanned various categories, including Overall Athletes (Men and Women), Football (Men and Women), Netball (Women), Table Tennis (Men and Women), and Volleyball (Men and Women).

In a proud moment for the College, the 11 trophies were presented to the Provost of CoHSS, who warmly congratulated the student-athletes and sports officials on their outstanding achievement. This gesture underscores the importance of student sports in the College's extracurricular landscape.

Mr. Prince Kwesi Aguze, the Head of Sports of CoHSS, attributed the success to the students' commitment, punctuality, composure, and unity. "Our students demonstrated remarkable dedication and team spirit," he stated. "Winning over half of the available trophies reflects their hard work and the strong leadership within our sports program."

Key figures who principally contributed to CoHSS' success included Mr. Rahman Abdul Kadir (Deputy Head of Sports), Ms. Modilim Adaugo (College President), Mr. Derrick Danso (Technical Coach), Mr. Michael Jordan Vordzorgbe (Sports Secretary for the SRC), and Mr. George Appiah (President for the Athletes).

The highlight of the games was the men's soccer final against the College of Engineering. The CoHSS team, trailing 2-0 at halftime, staged a dramatic comeback to clinch victory, thanks to Coach Kadir's strategic adjustments.

As the academic year progresses, CoHSS stands proud, having proven that excellence in the humanities and social sciences can go hand in hand with outstanding sports achievements in student competitions at KNUST.