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HFC Bank Organizes Entrepreneurship Clinic

HFC Ent Clinic

The HFC Bank-KNUST in collaboration with the Centre for Business Development (CBD) has organized an entrepreneurship clinic for all final year students in the university at the New Lecture Theatre (CCB). The aim of the clinic which was held on 26th February, 2016 was to assist the final years to identify business opportunities and build business networking to improve their career selection, ideas and goals as well as equip them with entrepreneurial skills.

Mr. Kwadwo Safo Jnr., CEO of Katanka Group of Companies, addressed students on the importance of networking in business. He noted that networking was significant in modern businesses and that it started with a dream, a focus and a goal an individual wanted to achieve using other networks.

Mr. Safo stated that committed people with the same objectives and principles could form a successful network. He said that through new technologies like mobile phones and software applications among others, people are able to communicate and connect with others to achieve their goals.

He advised the audience to be careful about the type of networks they associate themselves with since some could damage their business focus and vision. He counseled them that in focusing on their careers, they ought to know their strengths, weaknesses and capabilities to achieve success.

Mr. Frank Aboagye Danyasah, CEO of Danywise Estate Construction, spoke on identifying business opportunities and stated that people needed to find right opportunities. He enumerated opportunities like identifying inefficiencies in the market, importation of goods and services from one place to another, franchising, good customer and employee relationships and creating enough ideas to start one’s own business.

Mr. Aboagye Danyasah, further stated that the factors to consider in identifying a business opportunity were in identifying a company that had future prospects, product differentiation and cash flow considerations of the product or business.

He advised the audience to grab the right opportunity at the right time, demonstrate leadership skills and to think outside what they had learned in school.