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KNUST College of Humanities and Social Sciences Clinches K. A. Andam Intercollegiate Debate Championship Trophy.

KNUST College of Humanities and Social Sciences Clinches K. A. Andam Intercollegiate Debate Championship Trophy.


The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CoHSS) at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has once again demonstrated its debating prowess by winning the K.A. Andam Intercollegiate Debate Competition for the second time since its inception in 2019.

This year's edition of the prestigious tournament saw fierce competition among 15 teams from the various colleges of KNUST, including the College of Science (CoS), College of Health Sciences (CoHS), College of Engineering (CoE), and College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR). CoHSS fielded four teams out of the total of 15 participating teams.

The debate tournament, conducted in the Asian Parliamentary style, consisted of five preliminary rounds followed by two out-rounds. All teams competed in the initial five rounds, with the top four teams advancing to the semi-finals based on their win records and total speaker-scores.

CoHSS showcased its strength by securing two spots in the semi-finals. One team, comprising Addo-Obeng Opoku Agyemang, Belinda Nketia, and Euodia Appiah, progressed to the final round and ultimately clinched the championship trophy.

Individual accolades, as listed below, further highlighted CoHSS's dominance in the competition:Addo-Obeng Opoku Agyemang: Best Speaker

  • Addo-Obeng Opoku Agyemang: Best Speaker
  • Desmond Dorvlo: 2nd Best Speaker
  • Jesse Ntiri and Matthew Opoku Agyemang: 3rd Best Speakers (tie)
  • Belinda Nketia and Euodia Appiah: 7th Best Speakers
  • Prince-Daniel Teye: Best Judge
  • Joyce Kpeglo: 3rd Best Judge

The tournament's format presented unique challenges, with motions revealed during the contest and teams given only 15 minutes to prepare before each round. Despite minimal intense preparation beforehand, CoHSS teams demonstrated remarkable adaptability and quick thinking. The teams faced a minor logistical challenge during the competition; e.g. lack of A4sheets, which are crucial for notetaking and preparation in debate tournaments.

In a proud moment for the College, the victorious team presented the championship trophy to the Provost of CoHSS, Prof. Charles Ofosu Marfo. The Provost warmly congratulated the team on their outstanding achievement, praising their exhibition of intellect, dedication, and representation of the College. He emphasized the importance of debate in developing critical thinking and communication skills, expressing his hope that this victory would inspire more students to participate in such academic competitions.

Ms. Florence Oforiwaa Offei, the team leader, expressed immense pride in the overall performance, particularly commending the teams that reached the out-rounds and the individual achievements of all participants. "I feel very proud and overjoyed over our performance as a team and exclusively proud of the teams that made it to the out rounds as well as the individual achievements that came for everyone," she stated.

This outstanding success has sparked hope for the establishment of a dedicated college debate society within CoHSS. "With this outstanding performance, I hope the College’s executives start up a college debate society," added Oforiwaa.

As CoHSS celebrates this victory, it wishes to reaffirms its commitment to fostering critical thinking, public speaking, and argumentation skills among its students, further cementing its reputation as a powerhouse in intercollegiate debates at KNUST.