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KNUST To Introduce Spanish Language Course

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The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is gearing up to introduce a new academic programme in Spanish Language and Culture, as part of its Department of Language and Communication Sciences. This initiative is aimed at promoting linguistic diversity and cultural immersion.

In an interview with the Department’s ICT Office, Dr. Nuria Otero, the Founder of the KNUST Spanish Club, disclosed details about this upcoming programme. “The introduction of the Spanish Language and Culture programme will lead to the award of degrees and is part of our efforts to foster good cultural relations between Spain and Ghana,” Dr. Otero stated. She also mentioned that it would provide students with more opportunities to explore their linguistic potential and pursue exciting career paths.

The KNUST Spanish Club, which was formed on January 23, 2022, has been a key player in promoting the Spanish language and culture within the university. Dr. Otero explained, “The club was formed to offer students with interest in languages, specifically the Spanish language, the opportunity to study the language, know the culture, and to purposely bridge gaps to allow for diversity and enhance communication.”

She further highlighted the club's impact on the university's commitment to linguistic diversity. “The inception of the Spanish Club in KNUST marked a significant milestone in the department's efforts,” she noted. Dr. Otero added that the club has been pivotal in introducing Spanish as one of the short courses to be rolled out by the department in the next academic year, with a vision to evolve it into a minor and eventually a major course, culminating in the award of relevant degrees.

One of the significant achievements of the club, as pointed out by Dr. Otero, is its contribution to language education at KNUST. “The club can confidently say that it has been able to produce over 50 students who can have a basic conversation in the language,” she proudly stated.

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